Is Acrylic Paint Permanent On Clothes? – Explore 5 Pragmatic Tips

Acrylic craft paint is one of the most popular and versatile craft supplies available nowadays. It’s a durable product that is both decorative and functional. Whether you want to give your room a trendy or industrial look, or just accent your favorite piece of clothing, acrylic paint can do it all. Moreover, It is the latest addition to the list of popular materials used in clothing design.

The problem with acrylic paint is that it tends to bleed onto clothes, leaving permanent stains. However, there are several solutions available for this problem. Here’s our guide on how to maintain acrylic paint permanently on clothes with special emphasis on top brands that offer this service at affordable prices.

Acrylic Paint: The Fabulous and Scandalous History of a Material

Acrylic paint has been around for quite some time now. It’s one of the most common materials in fashion design and home décor since it is easy to work with, durable, non-flammable and versatile. German chemist Paul Hoechst company is the pioneer of acrylic paint. They discovered an unhomogenized form of methacrylate monomer (meth) at their factory for the first time in 1920.

Since then, many manufacturers launched their versions. Consumers bought those separately or as a kit containing all needed ingredients under various brands like Martha Stewart or Rust-Oleum. Various artists have also taken up acrylic paints as a medium for creative work.

Consumers have used acrylic paint since 1920. However, it was not before 1950 when art departments in television stations started using them regularly on Hollywood set because they were cost-efficient and lower priced than oil paint or watercolor paints. It is undeniable that this material is superior to other popular. Moreover, it is far more versatile in delivering uniform colors. Starting from the 1970s, acrylic changed its name to cheap spray paint. At present, Acrylic is one of the most affordable, friendly materials used in art.


What is the Scandalous History Behind Acrylic Paint?

In the 1950s, Milton David Knapp was commissioned for a project by General Electric. He drew 3-D pie charts to predict future solar energy consumption. In 1958, this experiment earned him an award from IBM as one of their best inventions. Shortly afterward under his company’s name XEROX Environmental Systems Division developed those specially designed filters used in window air conditioners for the first time. That was made easier to clean thanks to the right amount of spray removal technology invented by Umit Erkaner Baycioglu. However, there was a matter regarding patent infringement that resulted in the inventor’s bankruptcy in 1976.

Young Tom Watson came up with the idea of firing the underlayer of spray paint with the liquefied gas mixture. Instead of compressed air, he managed to assert himself in two sectors growing since then very dynamic: motor vehicles and construction infrastructure business among others. Concerning vehicles, initially his company Argo Manufacturing Group successfully developed metallic colored paints for cars whereas nowadays futuristic BMW X7 relies on rubber or plastic-based paints depending on the vehicle’s features. Regarding the construction industry building materials manufacturer, Chemtura Corporation also invented its innovative epoxy reinforced acrylic-ext fusion-trained silicone emulsion paint in 1965. That company drove Argo Manufacturing Group forward and brought about its success.

Some Key Facts About the Persistence of Acrylic Paint

We all know that Acrylic paint is a type of water-based paint that consists of a pigment suspended in a liquid medium. That is acrylic polymer emulsion. It is highly versatile and you can apply it as either fluid or as solids. Acrylics are typically more durable than oil paints and less toxic than watercolors. There are more such facts about the persistence of acrylic paint. Such as,


Paintworks is at best way with its transparency due to acrylate polymer coatings which are almost identical to paper-based surfaces. They do not tear, tear off or fall straight away even when subjected to large doses of water putting possible risks for objects that might be inadvertently damaged. This particular characteristic makes painting easy and moreover cheap because it doesn’t require separate layers, unlike traditional methods that can cost $2 per square meter.

Color Catching

Property of All Acrylic Emulsions, which is actually a good aesthetic asset because it can be applied to entire surfaces. As all layers usually have different opaque colors, the paints stop accumulation from being seen when creating dark areas or spots on upper-layer surfaces with clear top coatings. The last one does not show any marks and even durability after time by drying hard but doesn’t lose its anti-aging properties as some other paints do.

Reliability and Durability 

The next significant point is reliability since modern coatings can withstand more than ordinary coats of paints, which allows for its use in sections that frequently see the spray technique such as woodworking. The third characteristic refers to a multitude of contradictory reasons but is most important. As they compensate for real gaps between constituent layers.


The persistence of Acrylic Paint depends on the adhesion. This is the major difference that you’ll observe between varnish and house paint which utilize acrylic emulsion. Varnish also includes two specific types of polymers but only one polymer serves its purpose at a time, whereas water-based acrylic paintwork offers many different capabilities such as forming hard coats over substrates such as wood products, ceramic tiles, and stone. Surfaces in all conditions ranging from dry to moister environment with no limitation whatsoever without experiencing any negative effects. Thanks to the top-quality protection of Acrylic Paint that offers against moisture due or temperature fluctuations.

How to Make Acrylic Paints Permanent on Clothes?

There are many reasons why you might want to make acrylic paints permanent on clothes. For example, you want to prevent the thickness of the paint from rubbing off on your clothing and want to protect it from fading. But washable acrylic paint can be washed off easily and without much effort. Here are some helpful hints to make Acrylic paint permanent on clothes.


Use Iron

Though It is difficult to make acrylic paint permanent on clothes, you can achieve this by using an iron. Ironing acrylic paint onto the clothing material, rather than simply painting it on with a brush or roller is how this method works for making Acrylic permanent. For example, if you want to make orange acrylic paint ink (Orange Permanent Imprint Paint) like what you see in billboard advertising appear more durable and sturdy instead of looking like an ordinary fashion tee shirt; iron its surface using an iron over several washes resulting to tinge the printed surface white where you applied your liquid substance.

The best way to control lateral movement when building shelves is by providing supports within each shelf section. The support you can build up using narrower pieces.


Magic of Vinegar

If you are trying to get the paint off of your clothes, try soaking the fabric in a solution of vinegar and water before ironing it. This will help dissolve the paint without damaging the fabric or destroying its vibrant color. Moreover, vinegar is a natural fabric softener so this will leave your clothes not only clean but also softer.

Apply Hairspray

To make Acrylic paint permanent on clothes, apply hairspray to the surface of the paint before applying it. As hairspray prevents the paint from coming off when you wash your clothes. But keep in mind that you should apply hairspray in a thin layer and then allow it to dry for a few minutes before painting. Besides, make sure that the paint dries over a longer period of time before wearing it.

Use a Dryer Sheet

While painting Acrylic, you need to use a clothes dryer sheet so that the paint doesn’t dry on your brush. You can use a dryer sheet as a point guard for brushes by placing them over the bristles of the brush before dipping them into the paint. You should use an old or new one depending on how well it works with your particular type of right paint. In addition, you can utilize dryer sheets to protect your clothes from paint stains also.

Embed Liquid Fabric or Chalkboard Paint

Liquid Fabric or Chalkboard Paint is the perfect solution for achieving permanent acrylic paint on clothes. Besides, you can use this process to make a variety of different colors and patterns with any type of fabric.

The first step in this process is to coat your clothing item with Liquid Fabric or Chalkboard Paint. Make sure that you apply the paint in a thin layer, otherwise it will take longer for the paint to dry and you will have less time before washing your clothes.

Next, allow your clothing item to dry overnight or at least 8 hours so that the paint has had enough time to completely dry. Once your clothing item has dried, use a cloth dampened with water and rubbing alcohol (the alcohol should not touch the painted area) to remove any excess Liquid Fabric or chalk from the surface of your clothing item.

Lastly, wash your garment in cold water as usual.

Will The New Acrylic Paint on Clothes Last?

The new acrylic paint on clothes is a great way to give your clothing a fresh new look. It also lasts for a long time and is washable with regular detergent. However, the downside of the paint is that it may not last as long as other paints on clothes. If you want something that will last longer, consider using an all-natural paint instead of the acrylic one so you can enjoy the benefits of both products.

Additionally, all of the methods above will allow acrylic paint to last on your clothing for a few months, depending on how frequently you intend to wash them. Just make sure that if you choose the ones where you apply liquid fabric medium directly onto your clothes, after a month you have to cover the paint. It will cause less damage than painting over an already existing design.

Bonus Tips – How To Get Your Hand Drawn on Clothes?

Drawing on clothes can be a fun and creative way to express yourself. However, many people don’t know how to get their hand-drawn clothes without spending hours at the mall or store trying to find the perfect shirt.

To get the best results of getting your hand-drawn on clothes are:

1. Choose an item that you want to draw on such as a shirt or jacket

2. Gather materials such as paper, pens, stencil, markers, fabric dye, etc.

3. Have a friend help you out by holding the garment while you create your masterpiece

4. See step-by-step instructions here on how to draw wearable artwork on clothes.


People also want to know the answers to the following questions frequently. So, delve into the following question. It may quench your queries too.


How long does acrylic paint last on clothes usually?

Acrylic paint can last on clothes for about 3 days before it starts to wear off.

Will acrylic paint bleed onto clothes?

Acrylic paint does not bleed onto clothes. It dries quickly and doesn’t have any odor or color that would leave a stain on your clothing.

Is acrylic paint water-resistant?

No, Acrylic paint is not water-resistant and it will eventually peel off when exposed to water. The good thing about acrylic paint is that it dries quickly and has a wide range of colors, which makes it suitable for use on most surfaces.

Will acrylic paint permanently stain clothes?

No, acrylic paint will not permanently stain clothes. Acrylic paint is water-based and therefore cannot leave a permanent stain on the clothing. However, the color of the paint may fade over time if it is exposed to harsh conditions such as heat or sunlight.

How can I remove acrylic paint from clothes?

There are two ways to remove acrylic paint from clothes. One is using a product like Nujol, which is sold in many stores and comes in different colors for specific uses. This product is typically used on clothing that has been painted with white or light-colored acrylic paint. The other way to remove the paint is by placing the item in a freezer overnight.

How do I clean clothes that have acrylic paint on them?

First, use a brush to remove any remaining paint from the Liquitex painted fabric. Next, soak the clothes in cold water with a cup of vinegar and then dry them on a low heat setting. Finally, add some laundry detergent and then rinse with cold water.

Which washer is perfect for acrylic painted clothes?

An acrylic-painted garment needs a gentle wash, so any washer with a delicate cycle is perfect. You might want to consider a front-loading washing machine if you have the space for it. Besides, there are many washing machines that can be used for acrylic painted clothes. But, you need to know the type of material your clothes are made of, how much paint is on them and what colors they have.

Can I use acrylic paint on my denim jacket?

The answer is no. Acrylic paint can be used on many different surfaces, but it is not recommended to use acrylic paint on denim because the chemical will not dry out properly and may cause your jacket to crack or peel.

What are some best acrylic paint brands?

This is a difficult question because there are many brands that offer acrylic paint. However, some of the best acrylic paint brands are:

1. Golden Acrylics

2. Fons & Porter

From where can I get readymade acrylic painted t-shirt?

For those who are looking for readymade acrylic painted t-shirts online, the best choice to find them is on sites like Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, etc.

Final Verdict

Isn’t that amazing? Such a revolutionary material evolved into an extremely popular form with infinite uses. Acrylic paint is good investment for your wardrobe. As it is durable, cheap, and has many positive qualities. The beauty of this paint is that you can apply it in one or two coats to achieve great results. But when you apply acrylic paint on clothes, it may not last for long. But even with proper care, it will not last forever.

Fortunately, you are reading this guideline that will help you learn how to maintain acrylic paint stay longer on clothes. Consequently, you can prolong its gentle cycle of life. Furthermore, if you have any more questions regarding how to maintain acrylic paint on clothes, please leave them as a comment and we will be happy to help you out. To get more updates about paint world keep visiting this site daily. Cheers!

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